lundi 2 mars 2015

pictures of fun and good music

 Hé oui les gens prennent du fun a rider en Zeppelin .....
et vous ?????

Merci à Mathieu Marechal - Annabel Talouarn - Gaspard Larsonneur - Thomas Lodin - Martin Viezzer - Margaux Arramon-Tucco - Wand


§§§§§ zora la rousse §§§§§

special custom for special customers

zebolution for Alex DENIEL

Et oui les meilleurs veulent le meilleur ;-)

Make your order before the others !!!!

My beauty !!!! Zoro is nuts

zebolution again and again

If you don't already have yours .....

Order ASAP !!!!!
caus' everybody will have one super soon ;-)

the tripin is back

This is for my body ding repairer magical Ostéopathe DOM 
this one goes super fast !!!!!!

special fins combo by Zeppelin
the more is weird the more is fun !!!

zadig tri fin

A new zadig design with a squash tail and different bottom shape - single to double concave

The Dark Zador

micro long - hydro squid - single fin - full of joy with Zador

this board is for my friend John CASTRIC aka WAT Photography
look at the video :

enjoy Buddy !!!